Fibernet Solutions

High speed internet through fiber to your home/office, with bandwidth that supports seamless connectivity for streaming or attending online meetings or classes. Guaranteed 99.99% uptime.

Dark Fiber Solutions

Dedicated 1-1 connectivity with maximum bandwidth. Perfect for secure and unshared connection between your network and ours.

Edge Network

Our state of art network solution shall perfectly suit a distributed setup. Cost-effective and efficiently connect various layers of your business.

Cyber Security Firewall

Bundled for ILL customers with total security and industry-standard network with absolute privacy & protection at no additional cost.

Your business is Yours. Your Speed & Safety is Ours.

Don't let technology advancements discourage you from keeping your tech fresh and up to date. We can help to ensure your business technology requirements are at their peak performance.




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Reliable and affordable high-speed internet with Guaranteed uptime 99.5%. Get reliable and consistently higher speeds.

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Next Gen Firewall

Many small business owners feel safe from attack, mistakenly thinking hackers only target large corporations.

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State-of-the-art Cyber Security just for you.

We act as our client’s trusted go-to partner bringing advanced expertise in the current threat landscape.

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May the AAA Hotspot be with you.

It comes with detail logs and reports as per the regulatory requirements in the same appliance.

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Yippee-kee-yay, Email Spam Filter Ooh-aah!

The service includes layers of security features to protect organizations from excessive from advanced email threats.

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VPN Concentrator & SD WAN

So many people working remotely, it's become increasingly important to keep your online activity private and your data protected.

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Bandwidth Aggregator

Combines two or more Internet connections and gives Internet applications access to their total available bandwidth.


Syslogs IP to IP

Improve the performance of your networks with syslog by configuration command to specify a particular IP address

You want more? Then, Get More


Extended support on LAN

We aim to go one step beyond conventional support. We shall be assisting in detail to diagnose, troubleshoot & offer solutions at your premises for your LAN troubles.


‘Work From Home’ Made Easy

Post pandemic world has made ‘Work From Home’ the new normal. Let’s make it more interesting now with faster & uninterrupted browsing, downloads, video calls & more.


Enhanced Technical Support

360o Tech Support from our professionally trained support team, to address your queries & resolve your complaints as faster as our internet speeds.

Switching or joining to Budanta is easy

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1Choose the package that suits you

We offer great range, not just in internet connectivity but also in packages & features.

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2Expert Assistance

Our experts will be here for you round the clock, to give you a seamless & comfortable experience.

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3Sit back and chill

We shall initiate your onboarding process and assist you further.